Branding, Visual Identity, Web Design

Cointalk is a hypothetical cryptocurrency education platform that aims to democratize crypto knowledge through online courses and resources led and curated by industry professionals. 



Cointalk’s logo communicates the idea of growth and connecting with others through learning, while referencing pixels and the digital world. It serves as a modular system not only for the brand pattern but also many other graphical elements. The geometric typeface feels modern, but with a touch more personality than a traditional san-serif. The gradiated colors represent the transitional period we live in, as digitilization and innovation lead us to future success.


Challenges and Solutions

One of the main problems with cryptocurrency is its elitist and incredibly complex perception. To combat this, I developed an identity that feels familiar enough to young adults establishing their independent life but still futuristic and distinct. Another major challenge was visually represent cryptocurrency, an abstract and completely digital entity. I chose portraits to keep the idea of crypto grounded in reality and create a welcoming image. These photos integrated with icons and colored backgrounds symbolize the merging of our physical and digital worlds.


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